Wireless Solutions for Large and Medium Enterprises

Ruckus Wireless offers a wide range of purpose-built Smart Wi-Fi products (indoor and outdoor) for large and medium enterprises. Completely standards-based, these products are developed using Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology designed to increase the range, reliability, and performance of Wi-Fi.

The Technology

Ruckus has developed leading carrier-class Wi-Fi products and technology, which is referred to as Smart Wi-Fi, that enable enterprises to benefit from advanced levels of performance and integration capabilities that are not possible with basic Wi-Fi.

At the heart of all Ruckus products is Smart Wi-Fi technology developed to address enterprises requirements. Smart Wi-Fi is a collection of the following patented technology breakthroughs:

BeamFlex: The Smart Wi-Fi Antenna Technology That Steers Signals to High-Quality Paths:

For greater speed, fewer errors, and instant bandwidth delivery, BeamFlex offers first-of-its-kind Adaptive Antenna Technology that maximizes signal coverage, throughput, and network capacity. It delivers MIMO benefits to 802.11a/b/g/n devices, to further increase MIMO diversity gain and maximize spatial multiplexing potential—at minimal cost.

ChannelFly: Predictive Capacity Management for Smarter RF Channel Selection

ChannelFly is a new approach to dynamic channel management. Most enterprise or carrier-class WLAN vendors, Ruckus included, have for some time now offered the ability to change an AP’s channel automatically within either the 2.4 or 5 GHz bands when interference or contention conditions warrant it. Sensing that the channel an AP is using with its currently attached clients has become degraded is the easy part. Deciding which channel to switch to is much harder.We started from the basic observation that changing channels makes sense only when you have some confidence that the target destination channel will improve capacity in practice — an assessment that cannot be accurately made based on spectrum analysis (based on energy levels) alone, given the nature of contention in a Wi-Fi context.


With SmartMesh Networking, you reduce cumbersome RF planning and costly cable backhaul, as Ethernet wiring is no longer needed to connect to individual access points. Enterprise WLAN deployment becomes dramatically faster, simpler, and less costly, as access points are simply plugged into any convenient power source. No extensive RF site surveys, cable runs, configuration, or optimization adjustments are required.

SmartMesh Networking is one of the first Wi-Fi meshing approach that combines high-gain smart antenna arrays, sophisticated RF routing, and centralized management in a single WLAN system. And it extends Smart Wi-Fi technology to create a new class of reliable WLANs that are self-organizing, self-optimizing, and self-healing.

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